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Heal ID Privacy Policy

What is this Privacy Policy about?

Read this document to understand how Heal ID uses data. In this policy, “we”, us”, etc. refers to Heal ID Corporation, while Heal ID refers to our apps. 

What is Heal ID‘s philosophy on privacy?

The core purpose of our apps and solutions is to help people safely interact with each other while maintaining their privacy. Unless expressly asked for and authorized by users, we do not enable the tracing of people, the storing of personal information or personally identifiable data, including but not limited to medical data. All power and control over their data should reside with the individual user. Therefore, we use encryption, hashing, barcodes, partial and limited information, and the equivalent of zero-knowledge proofs to enable the secure and privacy-maintaining sharing of such information (contained in hashes and encrypted or anonymized data) that is relevant and required in our safe and secure promotion of public health.  

What kind of personal data does our web site collect? 

We do not store any record of people’s specific personal information, except when submitted through signup forms, or when visitors or customers gave their express consent. Although we do not support or condone it, we cannot complete exclude the probability that somebody may be able to use various different pieces of information and deduct the identity of a specific person.

What other data do we collect or store?  

We may store people’s email or contact information when we interact with them while conducting a regular and legal business relationship. Such business may also include the sending of newsletters, emails, or letters, and receiving or asking for input or contribution not limited to but including the filling out of forms, answering of questionnaires and suggestions, or giving customer feedback. When we send newsletters or send out bulk emails, we enable recipients to opt out of future communication.

How does our web site use cookies? 

Like any other website, and may use ‘cookies’. These cookies are little pieces of software downloaded to a visitor’s machine, used to store information including visitors’ preferences, and the pages on the website that the visitor accessed or visited. The information is used to optimize the users’ experience by customizing our web page content based on visitors’ browser type and/or other information.

How do we handle security and updates?

Heal ID Apps may automatically check with us for updates. This ensures that the users always have access to the latest security fixes and features. We may count the number and type of these requests when we receive them, to produce aggregate statistics. No particular person’s information is identified in the statistics we produce. 

What does the Heal ID App do? What data do we collect? How will this data be used? Which security measures can and will protect your data?

The purpose of the Heal ID App is to allow users to authorize the privatized storing of data related to their medical tests in encrypted form (e.g. using hashes or comparable tools), particularly portions of Covid-19 Antibody test results, on a blockchain so that the public can validate and evaluate the level of immunity these people have. Our mission is to achieve this without revealing user’s personal information or identities, which of course may be directly and expressly given by the user to organizations and other people. The test results themselves may be accessible by the general public, and therefore also by us, but can only be openly accessed when the user authorizes it. 

We may access and use a device token, or the phone’s Unique Identifier (i.e. UDID or similar keys). The main purpose of this is to generate a unique key usable to uniquely identify our simulated transactions. Without further notice, we do not collect location data, and are not collecting and accessing any additional data from the phone. 

Very limited amounts of user-specific data may be stored on the local device. This data may include a person’s name, real or fake, the person’s birth year and the last four digits of a person’s identification document. In the regular course of business, no personally identifiable data will be stored on servers owned by us, whether encrypted or not. Data stored during testing may be stored on servers in our control, either hosted directly by us or by hosting companies. They will be protected using industry-typical security measures. We do not take any responsibility for test data being entered while interacting with our Heal ID App in a test environment. Users should, therefore, enter fake data. 

Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit a customer’s legal rights. 

Will your data be shared with other companies?

We do not share data collected from our web site, or from our app, in any other way than required to improve our products or pursue and conduct business relationships with our users or prospective users. This means that our employees, contractors, or distributors may use some of this data while supporting our own business activities or general research, like healthcare organizations or academic institutions. When we do so, we will keep your data anonymized unless expressly authorized by yourself. We will not share your data with advertisers or unrelated third parties. 

How do we update this Privacy Policy?

From time to time, when you download new versions of our apps, or different apps, we may refer you to this page, particularly when we updated our Privacy Policy. Beyond this, our Privacy Policy is available at our web site and subject to change without express notice.

How can you contact Heal ID Corporation?

In case of further questions or concerns, you can contact us via the contact information and forms given on our web site.