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HealCoin: The Token To Heal One Another

The HealCoin will be created to facility the storage, computing and analyses of human genome data.  

This is your chance to contribute to a genuine healthcare transformation. Fund this endeavor, and join our efforts to rid humanity of genetically caused diseases.  


Download the White Paper and other documentation. Click on the below links.

Solution Brief

The Solution Brief is an 8-page ‘Light Paper’ that gives an overview of everything the Healid project is about.

Investor Overview

The Investor Overview summarizes on one page the key aspects relating to HealCoin investments.

White Paper

The White Paper outlines in fair detail all major aspects of the Healid project.

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HealCoin: Powering the 1 Billion Genome Project

It pays. It scales. It heals. 

The Crypto-Token that makes it all possible.

HealCoin is the token that enables the supplying, computing, storing, and using of genomic data. 

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The Team

Healid was inspired by a deeply moving personal experience of a College Student during a humanitarian mission.



Boise, Idaho (USA)

Bert Kastel is a serial technology entrepreneur with specific interests in geopolitics and deep tech: blockchain, artificial intelligence, biotech, manufacturing, robotics, space, and energy.

At Healid, his responsibilities are overall solution design, the articulation of the vision, and the execution of the business plan.



Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

A student of Quantitative Economics at the University of Utah, Fiona has lived on three continents. She has a particular interest in business, cultures, languages, and technology.

Her focus at Healid is to solidify and optimize the economic model of the HealCoin that enables and buttresses the technology platform.

Milestones of the Healid Roadmap 


The Biggest Value Ever Created!

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