Can distributed data storage scale enough?

In theory it can scale more than any alternative. In reality this will need to be sufficiently proven in our Pilot. The main premise of distributed data storage is its taking out the "middleman" - the intermediary. Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, and the Google Cloud are all centralized in a way and controlled by one [...]

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Could the Healid platform be used for more than genomic data?

In principle, the Healid platform can be used for much more than genomic data. By design it already comes with the ability to include meta data like gender, age, ethnicity, family and medical history. In theory, such meta data could be expanded to include any other kinds of health records associated with individuals. Such data [...]

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Does Healid use Bitcoin or another Blockchain?

Most of our data will be kept off-chain. We only have very limited use for existing blockchains, including the currently biggest one, Bitcoin. This is mainly due to the inherent limitations of the centralized nature of a single blockchain. Decentralized as its nodes are, there is only one blockchain and thus a potential single point [...]

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Why does Healid not use existing cloud storage solutions?

Using centralized cloud storage creates a number of issues. Existing cloud storage solutions do centralize data storage. Such centralization creates trust issues (Who can access my data? What laws govern my data? Is the price fair?) and technical issues due to the inherently hierarchical nature of at least some aspects. Additionally they lack the scalability [...]

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