Where do the revenues for Healid come from?

Beyond the formal launch of the HealCoin and of the Healid Distributed Autonomous Platform (Healid DAP), Healid is not run as a business. Rather, it is self-sustaining. Its value is the supply of the by far largest and most diverse genome database, and easy access to this data. The Platform enables researchers to access valuable [...]

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What is the role of the HealCoin itself?

The HealCoin is a token enabling the effective and efficient working of the marketplace of medically related genomic data. It provides the common "currency" to enable people and researchers from about 200 countries to exchange data and computing capabilities so that health value can be created.

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How do researchers benefit from Healid?

The size of data sets that researchers nowadays typically access is limited to dozens, sometimes hundreds, and even more rarely thousands. This significantly reduces the reliability of results. Once millions of diverse data sets are accessible through an easy-to-use platform, finding and narrowing down data can be as simple as entering the correct search criteria [...]

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How does an individual person benefit from uploading genomic data?

When you upload your genomic data, you benefit on multiple levels. One immediate reward is that you receive HealCoin tokens whose value is likely going to appreciate as the network grows and ever more value is created. Independent of the coin, though, overall every person benefits from the finding of genetic triggers for diseases. Once [...]

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How is the value of the HealCoin created?

Healid establishes the infrastructure for an efficient market which greatly reduces the cost and increases the quality of the outcome of research and development for about 7000 genetically triggered diseases. Reduced costs and improved output is equivalent to overall tangible value. The challenge is mostly one of scale. This is addressed by Healid. Currently, similar [...]

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Who controls Healid?

Once established and gone live, the Healid Platform will be run by its stakeholders. The economic model ensures that everybody benefits by receiving HealCoin for sharing data, sharing meta data, providing storage space, or providing computing capabilities. Users of the data (researchers, labs, businesses) pay with HealCoin. The Healid code itself is run by a [...]

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Is it ethical to compensate people for use of their medical data?

Every person gets an equal amount of token for the same effort, and the value of these tokens increases in conjunction with everybody else as the value created by Healid growths. In our opinion this is the most ethical and equitable way to share data. The saying goes “when things are free, you are the product,” [...]

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