In principle, the Healid platform can be used for much more than genomic data. By design it already comes with the ability to include meta data like gender, age, ethnicity, family and medical history. In theory, such meta data could be expanded to include any other kinds of health records associated with individuals.

Such data is much more diverse, and somewhat ironically much more personal and immediate, generated through direct interaction with health care providers. While not closing the technical ability to go in such a direction at a later stage, we consider it important (and challenging) enough to focus on genomic data for the time being.

The Healid platform could also be leveraged to enable ad hoc calculations in the medical field and even beyond. Examples are gene sequencing of bacteria, plants, animal DNA, or RNA. Again, though, while we keep the doors open to leverage our platform in that way, we will initially focus on the generic human genome.

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