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Bottom-up Networks: Creating a True Global Community!

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Follow us expanding the World… filling in one country at a time. 

    See us at the World’s biggest crypto-technology outreach event series:

    Kenya – Philippines – Brazil

    The Team

    Healid was inspired by a deeply moving personal experience of a College Student during a humanitarian mission.



    Boise, Idaho (USA)

    Bert Kastel is a technology entrepreneur with specific interests in geopolitics and deep tech: blockchain, artificial intelligence, biotech, manufacturing, robotics, space, and energy.

    At Healid, his responsibilities are overall solution design, the articulation of the vision, and the execution of the business plan.



    Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

    A student of Quantitative Economics at the University of Utah, Fiona has lived on three continents. She has a particular interest in business, cultures, languages, and technology.

    Her focus at Healid is to solidify and optimize the economic model of the HealCoin that enables and buttresses the technology platform.

    Advisors & Core Team

    Healid continues to assemble a team of global experts in biotech, technology, and business. We rely on their expertise to ensure that the vision, the solution and all its components are scientifically and technically sound. The experience and connections of our advisors help building an effective community that can help execute the vision.


    Strategy & Outreach

    East Lansing, Michigan (USA)

    Chinwe Effiong is Assistant Dean for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars and Youth Empowerment Programs at MSU. She is responsible to identify and scale new opportunities for global youth education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment initiatives. Chinwe has served as CEO of Junior Achievement (JA) in Africa and provided strategic direction and oversight for JA operations across sub-Saharan Africa. She worked closely with government, civil society groups, and private sector stakeholders to raise awareness and promote support for programs that enabled young people in Africa to improve their livelihoods.


    Medical Research

    Boise and Salt Lake City, USA

    Werner Huck is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Clinical Research (ACR) and degreed and board certified in clinical microbiology. He is an active member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP), and the Association of Clinical Research Practitioners (ACRP). Werner has over 30 years experience and has authored numerous publications in medical journals.

    At Healid, he provides input and guidance in matters relating to medical research, microbiology and genomics.


    Healthcare Tech

    Düsseldorf, Germany

    Uwe Meyer is a seasoned senior executive in the health, medical IT and payment sectors, with a strong track record in building, growing and selling businesses in this industry. He has a high level of domain expertise as well as skills in IT and Healthcare Security.

    At Healid, he provides input and guidance in technical and medical solution design, and in our funding activities.


    Corporate Strategy & Development

    Boise, Idaho (USA)

    James Wong has extensive corporate and business development, start-up, marketing, and operations experience in several industries, recently focusing on health care and technology. For over 20 years he structured and executed C-level strategic and tactical business initiatives.

    At Healid, he provides input and guidance for positioning in the Health Care industry, and supports our regulatory and funding activities.


    Lead Developer

    Lucena City, The Philippines

    Dominic Valencia is leading the Healid app and smart contract development effort. He is a trained computer science professional and full-stack developer with many years of experience in developing complex database-driven applications. He has extensive experience as a programmer with various technologies, including web based, mobile, and crypto technologies. 

    Dominic is based out of the Philippines.


    Strategic Business Advisor

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Nyasha Mutsekwa drives Healid adoption in Kenya and East Africa, and provides market guidance, strategic input, and support during the product and solution definition. He has 15 years of experience working in Africa, mostly in the IT sector, engaging with large enterprises, and managing relations with corporations, non-governmental organizations, and governments on several continents. 


    Strategic Outreach

    Kampala, Uganda

    Brenda Katwesigye is a Ugandan entrepreneur in healthcare and technology. She founded Wazi Vision to provide affordable eye care to Africans. Brenda is an “African Female Entrepreneur of the year” and Mandela Washington Fellow, as well as a Co-Founder of Ideaspace and a Board Member of the Regional Advisory Board for the Young African Leaders Initiative. 

    At Healid, she provides strategic input and guidance for our outreach on the African continent, primarily Uganda and East Africa.



    Auckland, New Zealand

    Angus Scott-Knight is a senior IT professional with 25 years experience, mostly as a founding partner and working director of a globally active digital technology consultancy based in Auckland. He is also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors. 

    At Healid, he provides input and guidance for the integration design and execution of the technical components of the overall platform.



    Auckland, New Zealand

    Shane Mitchell is a hands-on founding director of an IT consultancy servicing large enterprises around the globe. His specialty expertise and skill is systems analysis and design and implementation of complex enterprise-level systems. 

    At Healid, he provides input and guidance for designing and implementing a scalable distributed database capable of efficiently storing exabytes of data.

    Ambassadors & Champions

    Healid’s vision cannot be achieved unless a global community communicates its benefits and drives its adoption.

    We are signing up ambassadors and champions of our cause from all over the world to help with this process. Here are our first ones.



    Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

    Cameron is a student of chemistry, physics and (yes!) mathematics. He wants to find solutions to problems that can have a lasting impact on communities and their fundamental understanding of the world/universe. He plays a key role in our community outreach via InclusiCon 2018. 



    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Fernando Lopes is a technology entrepreneur from Sao Paulo, Brazil, with expertise in large-scale enterprise solutions. He supports the Healid initiative in Brazil and South America. 



    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Fabio is director of a software services and solutions company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He supports the Healid initiative in Brazil and South America. 



    Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

    Oscar is a graduate student at the University of Utah studying Physical Chemistry. He is most excited about the security of Healid’s biometrically encrypted service and access to an individual’s genomic related health risks. He hopes to be an effective facet in Healid’s inclusive platform.