Roughly weekly updates on the project progress. May cover any project aspects, from logistics, organizational, technical, bio-informatics, etc.

From Vision to View: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

From Vision to View: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Starting March we will move to a different Medium for blogs - Medium: or the link on the bottom of the page will get you there. Our goal is to reach a larger audience. On this place we still intend [...]

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Nebulous Modeling …or something like that

Nebulous Modeling ...or something like that Following up from the last update, there were lots of questions at the first QBO industry meet-up in Manila. QBO is a government-sponsored innovation center and incubator. Between 50 and 60 people participated in a lively discussion about crypto-technologies and Blockchain, with lots of questions about Healid.  [...]

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Inspiration from MIT Emtech in Singapore

Inspiration from MIT Emtech in Singapore Reporting from Southeast Asia, Fiona and I agree that the MIT Emtech Asia conference was eye-popping and fascinating. This is directly related to Healid, but also far beyond.  MIT Emtech Asia: Day 1 In the biotech section we discovered a number of advanced and overlapping developments, providing [...]

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Tackling the Next Challenges: Moving from Development to Collection

Tackling the Next Challenges: From Development to Collection Last week, Cameron, Oscar, and Fiona represented Healid at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They listened to some inspiring talks about Blockchain and healthcare. Walter de Brouwer from laid out their use of Blockchain for managing health care [...]

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Tackling the Next Steps

Tackling the Next Steps   The first couple of weeks of the New Year began slowly and then accelerated mightily. By now we are firing on all cylinders. Smart Contract Development How great to hear that Vitalik Buterin seems to be focusing on the core challenge of the crypto-world: addressing performance and cost [...]

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Learning about – and from – Africa

Learning About - and From - Africa East Africa - and a world of opportunity opens. What a dynamic region of the world! And how open to using new technologies, and how adapt in flexibly and creatively making practical use of them. This definitely seems a place where we can not just provide [...]

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Smart (Contract) Progress During Thanksgiving

Smart (Contract) Progress During Thanksgiving We slowed down a bit, but there was no stopping during the American Thanksgiving week.  Solution Development.  Our lead developer Dominic has made big strides and is optimistic about being able to finish the program for the miners this week. Its essence is to shift the storing of [...]

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Proto – Types A, B, and C

Proto - Types A, B, and C   The POC does exactly what it was supposed to achieve: It proves concepts, identifies areas of challenges, and helps with developing priorities for the next steps. We will basically continue to follow more of an Agile than a Waterfall-style development approach, at least as long [...]

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