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About Us


Heal ID connects all humans to increase the health of each person and community. For that purpose, we provide a global decentralized platform for managing and sharing data.

We believe that human health requires both valuing and focusing on the individual person, and considering the interaction of all humans in an organic and self-directed complex system. For healthcare, this means that we must learn as much as we can about each person. This data needs to be kept private and secure.

And then, we need to securely, efficiently, and organically, share as much data as required so that all humans can learn and support each other.

They Heal One Another!

A Message from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

Heal ID originated in 2017 as a blockchain initiative with the goal of building a shared platform to empower individuals globally by giving them access to, and control over, state-of-the-art medical information and personal data, i.e. genome data. This underlying goal and vision have not changed. Today, though, we are going differently about it. We are redefining what “healthcare platform” really means. Healthcare solutions should first and foremost focus on the most effective integration of individually controlled data. It is about a new kind of conduits and pipelines, not traditional platforms.

On the deepest level, human health is determined by two underlying factors:

  • Age-related diseases, including cancer and the degeneration of the body’s self-healing capabilities.
  • Infectious diseases, including the human fight against hostile micro-organisms.

These challenges have not changed since the dawn of time. Our technological capabilities have been transformed, and continue to do so exponentially and in many fields at the same time. We have a real chance to finally move from sick-care to health-care.

Our healthcare systems, though, are still mired in concepts of the 19th century, approaches of the early 20th century, and tools of the mid-20th century. There is a profound disconnect between the organically networked, complex world and the centralized systems and formalistic approaches assuming hierarchical controls and linearity.

For example, we must break out of the 150-year-old thinking about health insurance that originated in the heydays of the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Traditional health insurances are not the answer to the problems of the future. They were and still are bureaucratic band-aids for problems of the past. We can and must replace them with new economic principles and systems.

We also need to aggressively use technologies to develop innovative solutions that focus on the individual person, connect this data in an organic manner instead of expanding existing or building new centralized solutions.

And this is what we at Heal ID are really about.


Heal ID’s founders are Bert Kastel (Chief Executive Officer – CEO) and David Carvalho (Chief Data Officer – CDO), two technology entrepreneurs with a wide range and depth of knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies. Both have been working as entrepreneurs globally, with deep involvement in enterprise computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the Internet, and biotechnologies.

Bert and David met in 2019 and have been working with each other on two different ventures. One of them is Heal ID. When the Covid-19 virus hit, and it became clear that the Healid’s conceptual approach and its technologies had the potential to address the severe challenges of global societies, they built the Heal ID solution.

By early April, they had developed the most forward-looking solution to beat the virus and counter the economic malaise.

Bert Kastel is a globally active technology entrepreneur focusing on emerging technologies, with postgraduate education in international relations, economics, and political science. He is founder and chief architect of the Heal ID, which he turned into the most visionary solution to battle Covid-19 and infectious diseases. As a speaker, author, and acknowledged thought leader, Bert is also a globally recognized expert in enterprise project management and supply chain. He is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), IEEE, the Abundance Digital Community, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) leadership team, and an Executive Committee member of the American Committees on Foreign Relations (ACFR).

Bert has lived on three continents and worked on all of them. His high-profile customers cross many industries and include some of the most well-known names in the world of business. He currently resides in Boise, Idaho (USA), with a secondary residence on the U.S. East Coast.

David Carvalho is one of Europe’s premier cybersecurity, blockchain, and AI authorities, and an acknowledged thought leader and sought-after speaker. As a rare accomplished leader and innovator, he is heavily involved in several Blockchain-based projects and cybersecurityrelated innovations.

Leveraging hands-on skills with lateral thinking and an innovative mind, David is among others founder of Naoris SE, the worlds first Cybersecurity Blockchain-based Ecosystem.

David advises a large number of crypto and cyber-security projects from startups to nation-state level and regulator level, who are changing the world. His five areas of focus are risk mitigation, next-gen cyber-security, ethical wealth generation, Innovation and creation of value through automation, AI, and crypto-technologies.

David is an experienced Chief Information Security Officer in multi-billion USD companies, has worked in Cyber-Security since he was 15 years old, with over 18 years of direct cyber security experience, David focuses on looking at traditional problems through an innovative lens, providing actionable Cyber-Security strategy.

David currently resides in near Porto, Portugal, with a secondary places of business in the U.K. and other countries.

A Global and Diverse Team

Bert and David have put together a group of multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and highly experienced advisors with global reach. They cover expertise in healthcare, biotech, business, and various areas of technology, and represented all continents. Healid is diverse in every respect, not the least culture, expertise, and thinking.

The Heal ID team combines experts in biotech and healthcare (including epidemiology, genomics, and infectious diseases), AI, blockchain, enterprise computing and IoT, cybersecurity, business, and much more.


Duesseldorf, Germany

Uwe Meyer is a seasoned senior executive in the health, medical IT and payment sectors, with a strong track record in building, growing and selling businesses in this industry. He has a high level of domain expertise as well as skills in IT and Healthcare Security.

At Heal ID, he provides input and guidance in technical and medical solution design, and in our funding activities.


Boise, Idaho

Werner Huck is the Founder of Advanced Clinical Research (ACR) and degreed and board certified in clinical microbiology. He is an active member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP), and the Association of Clinical Research Practitioners (ACRP). Werner has over 30 years experience and has authored numerous publications in medical journals.

At Heal ID, he provides input and guidance in matters relating to medical research, epidemiology, microbiology and genomics.


East Lansing, Michigan

Chinwe Effiong is Assistant Dean for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars and Youth Empowerment Programs at MSU. She is responsible to identify and scale new opportunities for global youth education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment initiatives. Chinwe has served as CEO of Junior Achievement (JA) in Africa and provided strategic direction and oversight for JA operations across sub-Saharan Africa. She worked closely with government, civil society groups, and private sector stakeholders to raise awareness and promote support for programs that enabled young people in Africa to improve their livelihoods.


Cambridge / Boise, Idaho

MPhil Candidate – University of Cambridge, Churchill Scholarship Recipient, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Recipient, Going to Harvard University for Ph.D. in Chemistry.

At Heal ID, he provides input and guidance on engineering and technology challenges.


Boise, ID & Providence, RI

Honors B.S. Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations – University of Utah, Going to Brown University for Masters in Public Policy Data Analytics Track.

Fiona was the original co-founder of Heal ID’s 2017 initiative. She provides input on the Heal ID


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fernando Lopes is a technology entrepreneur from Sao Paulo, Brazil, with expertise in large-scale enterprise solutions. He supports the Heal ID initiative in Brazil and South America. 


Lucena City Philippines

Dominic Valencia is leading the Healid app and smart contract development effort. He is a trained computer science professional and full-stack developer with many years of experience in developing complex database-driven applications. He has extensive experience as a programmer with various technologies, including web based, mobile, and crypto technologies. 

Our History

By early April, they had developed the most forward looking solution to beat the virus and counter the economic malaise.