Sweet Little 17…  GONE

As the year draws to an end, things have slowed down. Usually the holidays are my preferred and most productive time for thinking, writing, and strategizing. This year all this plays a role, but not as much as usually. Lots of family distractions, and the high pace of 2017 calls for a breather to recharge. 

Despite the holidays, the past couple of weeks have seen steady although not spectacular progress in development of the coin issue and DAF governance smart contracts. We will not have all of that done by the end of the year. As one dives into the technical details, opportunities and challenges become apparent. How exactly will we need to award coins? What will the precise economic model look like, particularly considering the practical challenges and opportunities encountered during my recent trip? How can we define it in a manner that does not limit us later? 

The reaching out to the community, in East Africa and other parts of the world, will be critical to our ability to “heal one another.” The InclusiCon approach will be key, and we have spectacular opportunities that are true and dramatic differentiators. We have started to break out of the echo chamber and the closed and limited networks of the privileged. This is not going to be a top-down approach. Self-organizing means involving of decentralized communities, and that is what we are doing. Real scalability and speed requires trusting the model. So we will continue doing so. 

We also will now be able to re-assess the learnings of our first roughly half year of operations. The progress on all levels has been breathtaking. Our decision not to go for the quick and “easy” money but to focus on community and governance and platform first will hopefully pay off big time. We will continue sticking to our roots, building a genuine bottom-up precision-health care platform and data base, using crypto-technologies and economics to provide universal benefits to humanity’s battle of genetically-driven diseases.     

In 2018 our focus will be on execution. We will be able to drive much more aggressively some of our technology development and our outreach, load genome and other health-related data, and start scaling out the platform. This way our Healid community will be able to provide the benefits for society that really drive us. 

Governance, Community, Technology. The benefits will come out of that. 

Thank you to everybody, the whole team, for volunteering and contributing time, effort, and above all: brains. 

Happy New Year!

And – Heal One Another…!

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