The Value of Stakes in the Ground

As we are going in the American Thanksgiving week, we can look back at quite some achievements. The most important ones are the following four:

  1. We completed a POC that in form of a generic Healid App allows us to demonstrate the core pieces of Healid functionality.
  2. We completed an advanced White Paper, addressing a deep analysis and decisions of some key questions.  
  3. We have put an advisory board and core team together that can get us to the next level. 
  4. We have the basic marketing and sales material and social media presence established.

About 10 weeks ago we had put stakes in the ground and defined where we want to be by now. Most of this was about preparing for execution, and most of these aspects we have achieved as planned (see above). I also see major success in having been able to make some strategic and tactical adjustments. Those will greatly improve our chances of success, without compromising the integrity of the solution: 

  • The shift away from a formal ICO and related early-stage funding, 
  • The development of a different, mathematically enforced smart contract governance model in form of a DAF, 
  • Our starting to build a global community, by developing and advancing the InclusiCon initiative, and by beginning to reach out to all continents, and
  • Our following of a Prototype approach to enable the collecting of genome data earlier next year, even while we are still finalizing some platform solution components. 

For the rest of the year we will continue to focus on these four aspects. Above all our goal needs to be to develop the code for the DAF and related issue of HealCoin, and to push forward the building of the community. 

We have started the outlining of the DAF logic, and its translating into smart contract code. However, as laid out before, this also requires to complete a few remaining aspects of the Healid App in at least a generic form: Particularly the establishment of generic Healid mining functionality, and decisions on the continuous coin issue aspects related to Proof-of-Life (PoL), the user interface for creating proposals and voting, and some generic mechanism to run analyses over stored genome data. 

The other focus area is starting to build a community. My trip to East Africa is booked, and I have started to line up the first meetings. I will start in Rwanda, then move to Uganda, spend most of the time in Nairobi, and fly out of Ethiopia. So, a busy schedule, to lay important groundwork. 

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