White Paper Success – and now Execution?

We are approaching our deadline for the Preparation phase, for the POC. There are just a bit more than a couple of weeks to go. Key decisions have been made, and things come to a close. Major functionality can be shown on a nice iOS interface, including the uploading of genome and of phenotype data, the issue of HealCoin, most generic Wallet functionality. The Heal-ID logon is still a hurdle, and we keep wrestling with it. 

Finally I finished the final draft of the White Paper. It is ready for distribution, although minor changes and corrections may be included in the next few days. 50 pages of pure joy… 

The main changes to earlier drafts are in the governance and community sections, where some strategic decisions and the result of research have been reflected.  

We are so close to real execution, and without all the headache of an ICO and legal and tax issues. This is encouraging and motivating. With all key decisions made, what about a world in which we mostly can focus on developing, and building a community? E X E C U T I O N. Looking forward to that one.  

During the past week I also have reached out to a few people in South America and Africa. This is early stage to create awareness among friends, and hopefully start to establish a broader development community spread out.  

Once Dominic has completed the core POC functionality that we agreed on, and then refactored his code, we will start opening up our Github to three to five more people. This will probably be closer toward the mid or end of the month of November.  

We also started looking into probable dates and locations for our InclusiCon 2018 outreach. Kenya, Philippines, Brazil, and we will try to have our first event in March. It probably is a bit too aggressive, but let’s figure out what reality will tell us. 

For now we have a project plan, a generic budget, a tentative agenda, and a sponsorship approach. We are of course still of knowledge about specific logistical aspects, but the next week or so should take care of that. We now own the domain names, approached a designer to develop a logo, and the pieces are coming together.  

Besides these Community Outreach work, I intend to focus the next week on enhancing and updating our web page. We now have the White Paper, a Solution Brief, introductory videos, can show screen prints and explanations about our App, and much more. Time for an update! 

So, Web Page and InclusiCon while wrapping up the POC. 

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