Merging the Left and the Right Brain: Mathematical Governance & Genuine Outreach


Less than one month after we formally started the POC I finally have been able to play around with the app. It already has a very nice look and feel. Even more, it already uses a token that has been issued, a “real” HealCoin (although on a test network)! When one uploads phenotype data, HealCoin will be awarded and shows up in one’s wallet. The wallet itself is still a bit shaky, but the basics work. Cool stuff! 

We also are closing in on a meaningful process regarding the uploading of the Genome to an IPFS location. On the other hand, more research is required about achieving the first step, the Heal-ID process. It is still a question how we can create consistent hashes based on our biometric identity.

More Progress:

(1) After various conversations within our core team, the decision stands to go with Option B. We will first focus on building the Smart Contract and the DAF, including issuing the HealCoin Genesis Block, while continuing with the POC and Community-Building, and then follow through with the Fundraising. As we execute the above, this decision will be validated by “reality:” Will we be able to start building a real community? Will our app function in a meaningful manner? Can we realistically complete the Smart Contract before the end of the year?

(2) The POC is progressing well. Most of the required screens are designed and in place. Today I was able to test some functions of the Wallet. The “Phenotype” information is already being saved on an IPDB database, and the basic specs for the genome upload are in place. Two big questions are the ability to create a consistent Heal-ID hash through biometrics, and getting more into specifics of mining tasks.

(3) Fiona, Cameron and I worked this week-end on a first outline of the design for the DAF Smart Contract and related coin issue. I hope to soon be able to document our current design so that we can start getting more specific, then turn it into something resembling pseudo-code, and eventually validate it with some internal tests. Our most important finding so far may be that for the DAF to function properly we will already need to design the basic HealCoin issue and related economic model, or at least provide some basic hooks for all key aspects of it. Our target is to have the design reviewable with the next few weeks.

(4) With help from Werner, we are expanding our advisory community on the medical side. I am looking forward to be soon meeting a Microbiologist Dr. Bennion from Utah. We are all aware that we can use some good help on the genomics side of things. One purpose of reaching out is that we try to identify  partners in the area of genome sequencing devices that are willing to work with us in optimizing the process that interfaces to the distributed database.

(5) Fiona, Cameron and I also spent lots of time outlining and planning a Community outreach in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We want to organize an event called “InclusiCon 2018” with the first one probably taking place in Nairobi. The crypto-community talks about inclusiveness, and here we will challenge them to really do it. And done properly it can provide an excellent platform to build relationships, learn, connect – and sign up people for Healid.

(6) The decision mentioned in (1) above has implications for the Web Page and the White Paper. I will (finally) update the White Paper. Lots of developments and design efforts will result in changes in areas like description of the genome “healing” process, gene sequencing markets and devices, the platform for distributed database, the economic model, the governance model, and the roadmap leading to funding. Basically some changes in all areas, and a slightly “tweaked” communication. All without changing the basic thrust of our bottom-up and distributed initiative.

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