White Paper Success – and Approaching Execution…

White Paper Success - and now Execution? We are approaching our deadline for the Preparation phase, for the POC. There are just a bit more than a couple of weeks to go. Key decisions have been made, and things come to a close. Major functionality can be shown on a nice iOS interface, [...]

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Left and Right Brain? Mathematical Governance & Genuine Outreach

Merging the Left and the Right Brain: Mathematical Governance & Genuine Outreach   Less than one month after we formally started the POC I finally have been able to play around with the app. It already has a very nice look and feel. Even more, it already uses a token that has been [...]

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ICO-Tails Wagging Solution-Dogs

ICO-Tails Wagging Solution-Dogs   During the past few weeks a lot of my energy was focused on analyzing our legal, funding, and governance approach, and turning it into a workable plan. At the end of all this it seems to me that the crypto-community and its ecosystems continue to have debates about non-value [...]

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Learning Crypto in an Aircraft Hangar

Learning Crypto in an Aircraft Hangar This update will mostly share impressions from BlockCon in Santa Monica. First, though, a few words about our POC. Facial recognition continues to be a challenge. So far BioID and ZoomLogin look promising, but we just have not been able to find the raw facial map points, [...]

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Analyses, Designs, Design Decisions – and CESC in Berkeley

Analyses, Designs, Design Decisions - and a Conference in Berkeley We are in the middle of working on our POC and analyzing and validating some core aspects of the technological and economic model. We now set up a Github repository, which we will open up after the POC, first to a select number [...]

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Of Funding Models and the POC

A Really Short One: Update on Governance and POC Only a short update today. About four weeks in, we are diving into details in all areas. Three of the topics that mainly kept us busy are (1) the POC design and detailed specifications, (2) the funding and governance model, and (3) the validation of [...]

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