The Clock Starts Ticking

We now have an outline for a 10-week plan with an early-stage funding event by mid-November.

This is in line with our original target. Our plan focuses on 5 sections: Product, Marketing, Corporate, Community, and Funding and ICO.

We could put together such a plan since we now have outlined the solution in great detail. An internal technical “Yellow Paper” lays out in fair detail how Healid and the HealCoin will work, and how the platform will be built.

Our formal White Paper is also getting ready for public release, and has been shared with select people from outside our core team. As is typical for such documents, it outlines the key elements of our endeavor, including technical aspects and economics, and our general plan to reach our vision. Most likely we will put the White Paper on our web page by the end of next week. This will then be the starting point for an active marketing campaign, making sure word gets out about our ambitious goals, about what we have achieved so far, and about our strategy to get there.

This week and next we will detail out the marketing and the funding plan. We also will complete outlining the scope for a proof of concept with deliverables between now and November. Some detailed design and even some prototyping work has already started, although more on a generic level (e.g. wallets, iOS integration, smart contracts using Ethereum).

On the corporate side, we are slowly expanding our core team. We do this deliberately at a controlled pace, to be accelerated in due time. Our people are experienced with many things, but not with “pump and dump.” And so we will keep it.

Having that said, we expect to add more formal advisors, starting with the next few days. They will complement our current team and add important new skills and perspectives.

A small but significant achievement of the past week was our decision for a slogan that communicates our mission in just three words: “Heal One Another.”

Yep, that’s what we are about. Not the typical Fintech crypto-startup, that’s for sure!

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