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The SAFE, SIMPLE, and PRIVACY-preserving solution.

The SAFE, SIMPLE, and PRIVACY-preserving solution.

Transforming Covid-19 Isolation and Lockdowns into Social and Economic Activity.

Transforming Covid-19 Isolation and Lockdowns into Social and Economic Activity.

Find out who has enough Antibodies so that you can consider them safe to be around, let into your office, store, lecture hall, event, or church.

Immediately and without invading privacy.



Getting Back to Life !

Back to School

Transforming isolation and lockdowns into campus activity!

Back to Gather

Transforming isolation and lockdowns into busy restaurants and fun gatherings!

Back to Travel

Transforming isolation and lockdowns into travel for fun or business again!

Back to Fun

Transforming isolation and lockdowns into campus activity!

Back to Shop

Transforming isolation and lockdowns into busy restaurants and fun gatherings!

Back to Work

Transforming isolation and lockdowns into travel for fun or business again!

The Problem

Covid-19 created an unsustainable vicious cycle, with drastic consequences including government bailouts, skyrocketing unemployment, business and school closures, and massive debt.

Now, everybody is trying to figure out how to safely get back to work, re-open schools, shop, eat out, get together socially, meet people for business, go to church, and travel.

What you need is not just general information about the total number of people dead or sick for a city, state, or the whole country. You need actionable information right when and where you are confronted with other people entering your premises or being around you.

You want this without invasion of privacy.

The Solution

The Heal ID App transforms Covid-19 testing into economic and social activity. While maintaining your privacy at any time, it gives access to test results via a smartphone app, as universally available “proof” of previous infection via Antibody count. You get data when and where you need it to determine whether, and to what degree, you can open up again, go back to work, and back to play.

This gives the scanner the ability to determine whether they consider a person “clear” depending on their specific context: Based on test results, a scan lets me decide whether the scanned identity reveals a sufficiently high Antibody count to make it statistically likely enough that they are safe to be around me, my office, my store, my lecture hall, my church, or my event.

With a simple scan everybody can verify whether their counterpart has enough Antibodies to be considered safe for the purposes of the person scanning. We connect testers, individuals, and businesses! Together, they establish verifiable and expanding effective pockets of herd immunity.

1 – 2 – 3

Heal ID is a global, borderless platform that enables individuals, test providers, and businesses to effectively work together and defeat infectious diseases like Covid-19.

  • Test Providers enter test results (e.g. IgG and IgM values), based on a request by their patients.
  • Individuals show their Heal ID barcode when they enter stores or offices, apply for jobs, or meet others.
  • Businesses scan those entering their premises, protecting the safety of customers and employees.

Heal ID does not trace people, reveal identities, or collect, or share specific medical information. The users are in total control of their data.

How does it work?

The Heal ID solution enables people to prove that tests detected enough Covid-19 Antibodies to clear them for work and to live without restrictions. The solution does so quickly, safely, and anonymously, without requiring centralized controls or management.

You can continue or pick up again your social and economic activities. Businesses can use the solution to bring customers back into their stores, offices, and general work facilities.

Heal ID achieves this by associating Antibody (AB) test results and vaccinations with individuals. A simple and quick scan of the app can check and prove a person’s status, manually or automated.

No infrastructure nor interfaces are required. Just using and connecting smartphones, Heal ID is built with practically unlimited scalability in mind, turning it into a general platform for addressing infectious diseases. 

Practical Applications

The following examples show how the Heal ID app enables society to get Back to Work and Back to Life. Most of the below can easily be expanded to address other infectious diseases. It also can consider general risk factors due to non-infectious diseases or conditions. 

As Heal ID’s use expands into other infectious diseases, the above capabilities can become standard to increase societies’ health. Businesses are able to contribute to the health of their customers. Everybody supports research and assists health authorities in fighting infectious diseases. Most of the above can be fully automated, without violating people’s privacy. 

Stores and Restaurants.
Businesses can get customers back into their stores, while strongly mitigating or even eliminating most risks to their customers, employees, or themselves.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
Students, Faculty, and the greater community can learn, teach, research, mingle, and socially interact again.

Business Meetings.
People can meet in person again, having documented their clear status.

Airlines, cruise ship companies, trains, buses and other forms of public transportation can verify the health of their passengers, and also share the general status with other passengers. Travel can become low-risk again.

Hotels & Lodging.
Hotels can accept guests, and guests can stay with them, by verifying each other’s health and risk status. Slowly but surely, the hospitality industry can start opening again.

Event organizers can check and verify that only clear people, or a threshold number of clear people, are congregating in a confined area.

Office Work.
People are able to work in office buildings through smart arrangements that identify a mix of people with proven high Antibody count, considering various and acceptable checks in combination with statistically relevant probabilities.

Shop Floor.
People are able to work in manufacturing facilities through smart arrangements, having a documented status of high Antibody count.

Maintenance Services.
Get your people back on the job – without an un-quantifiable risk, to clean, maintain, protect, refuel, maintain equipment and buildings, and much more.

Personal Services.
Such services are typically delivered at your home, like contractors fixing facilities. In this scenario, roles may be reversed: The customer would check the contractor’s status.

Social Activities.
As the number of previously infected spreads, it increases the number of people who have a sufficiently high enough Antibody count for all practical purposes. In many instances, they can then be considered a low Covid-19 risk for themselves and others. And so, people will be able to socially gather again.

Medical and Emergency Personnel.
When doctors, nurses, and other medical and first-responder personnel have previously been infected, as documented via a high Antibody count, they shouldn’t have to live with restrictions once they come back from work.

Small Informal Gatherings.
As more evidence spreads, it becomes increasingly likely that a person with high Antibody count can visit family members, friends, and even high-risk people.

High-Risk Facilities.
When entering a hospital or nursing home, or any place where high-risk people may congregate, the facility manager may impose higher-level checks and require more stringent certification requirements.

Job Applications and Hiring.
The Heal ID App enables job applicants to efficiently and securely share information with a potential employer, which then can check and validate the authenticity of the document more thoroughly, with their consent. This speeds up the turnaround for the hiring process.