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Crypto-Enabled Gene-Based Treatments and Cures for Every Human

Nothing is more personal than health. It affects every human – without exception. All 8 billion of us.

Recent advances in biotechnology and computing promise to get rid of many, if not most, diseases. Gene sequencing can reveal the genetic code. Gene editing can fix genetic defects. And artificial intelligence drives the development of cures.

With crypto-tokens we now can build a self-sustaining economic model that encourages and rewards a decentralized solution with previously unmatched scalability.

By running “deep learning” algorithms over large datasets, these AI agents identify patterns and guide the way to treatments and cures that are not obvious to individual observations made by humans. The larger the dataset, the better.

So far, the genetic code of thousands if not tens of thousands of people has been sequenced.

Healid can do this for billions of humans.

The Billion Genome Project

With the Healid platform in place, things will ramp up: 

Our goal is to load 1 Billion Genomes. 

This can be done in 1000 Days.
On average 1 Million per day. 

And it will not stop there.


Crypto technologies facilitate a genuinely distributed economic model. The HealCoin crypto-token rewards the establishment and maintenance of the technology infrastructure – and its use to find treatments and cures. 


Biometrics protect a person’s identity while gene data is loaded into a distributed database. There is no direct link from the data to the individual person. The individual controls her own data!


Healid leverages the distributed Internet (Web 3.0), which makes available computing power and data storage on an unmatched massive scale.


Healid makes previously unthinkable amounts of health-related genome data available for deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Receiving HealCoin, every human benefits from sharing information. You share your data, you support the solution, and you own a share of the rewards. And then you get a shot at treatments and cures.

Healid enables and delivers gene-based treatments and cures for every human. 

We do this by building a distributed database of humanity’s genes, using distributed ledger technology (DLT) similar to Blockchain. Distributed crypto-solutions provide the computing power and storage capability to enable gene sequencing for all of humanity, store the results anonymized in a distributed database, and facilitate approaches to incentivize anonymized AI analyses – while benefiting each person.  

Proof-of-Life Technology Platform

Life is personal. Health is personal. The Genome is personal.

And now each person owns her data. Not doctors, hospitals, research institutions, or other intermediaries.

The Healid technology platform is based on mathematical principles that neither have one single point of failure, nor centralized control. It is open source.

HealCoin: Powering the 1 Billion Genome Project

It pays. It scales. It heals. 

The Crypto-Token that makes it all possible.

HealCoin is the token that enables the supplying, computing, storing, and using of genomic data. 


The Biggest Value Ever Created!

Open Your Eyes.